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Our history

Synonymous with Made in Italy and artisanship

Josephine Testa offers products for the comfort of your home.

We began in Montemurlo, in the heart of the Prato Textile District in Tuscany. We create functional designs of uncompromising quality – pieces developed with a timeless perspective, but decidedly unique, made to be lived in, to last, and to be handed down.

Style and functionality

High-quality artisanship and poetic simplicity.

We offer the true essence of design, removing everything that is not essential, seeking a contemporary and timeless aesthetic with collections that honour and respect the art of textile production from which we come.

We place great emphasis on artisanship, creating impeccable products that are worthy of care, as the finest things are.

Beauty and authenticity

We respect the materials we use for our products, following the ancient tradition that has its roots in the textile district of Tuscany, where complexity and expertise are distinctive elements.

As a company that produces new material goods that head out into the world, it is our responsibility to make informed decisions about our impact and mitigate any harm. We constantly analyse the entire product life cycle, seeking to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging wherever possible.


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